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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is  freshrain safe?

Freshrain is the only 100% chemical free spa water treatment available. The freshrain system inserts negative ions into the spa water in the form of ionized oxygen that circulate freely throughout your spa.

What do you mean by chemical free? Doesn’t the freshrain system produce hydrogen peroxide?

Freshrain is chemical-free because no chemicals are added to your spa system. The active purifying agent, hydrogen peroxide, is created naturally when the ionized oxygen is introduced into your spa’s water. As a result it is not present in harmful levels, because you never “add” it to your tub in the way you do chlorine. The freshrain system produces residual hydrogen peroxide at levels well within what is “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent.

Is there a fire hazard with freshrain?

No. Freshrain uses all UL listed components and the GFI plug complies with the new “arc fault” Code requirement.


Can I install freshrain myself?

It is recommended that you have a qualified technician install your freshrain unit to insure that your unit has the balanced level of air flow that is important to experience the maximum capability for your freshrain system. It needs to be tuned using specialized tools and measurements that are based on your particular pump.

Do I need to drain my tub before using the freshrain system.

It is not necessary to drain your tub. The freshrain system will completely clean the existing water in your spa. Freshrain cleans so thoroughly when first used, it might be necessary to clean your filter on occasion for the first few days. However, if your tub water is exceptionally dirty at the time of installation, you will save time and the cost of filter replacements by beginning with cleaner water.

How long will it take for freshrain to completely clean my water?

In a typical well-maintained tub, all chemicals such as chlorine and bromine are removed within the first few hours. Heavy metals and other contaminants will be eliminated within days on average.


Will freshrain make my hot tub work better?

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of freshrain. Once freshrain starts working it not only quickly purifies your water, it continues working through your spa system, cleaning  the scaling on your system’s water pipes, and improving the efficiency of your heater and jet system. Once the scaling has been removed from your pipes, your spa should function as well as the day you first installed it.

Will freshrain completely replace my ozonator?

Yes! While ozone can be used to help sanitize a hot tub, the ozone gas dissipates quickly when introduced into the spa. As a result chlorine is routinely used in addition to ozonators to get the tub sufficiently disinfected. Freshrain, in contrast, is always working to remove all harmful contaminates, eliminating entirely the need for chlorine or other sanitizers.

Do I still have to use chemicals like chlorine with freshrain?

No. That’s the beauty of the fresh rain system. Because the ionized oxygen continues to circulate through your tub constantly breaking down and removing harmful contaminants, there is no need to introduce chemicals like chlorine to your spa ever again.

Do I still have to test my water’s pH?

Freshrain keeps your water in balance naturally. By eliminating the introduction of chemicals, there is no need to check your hot tub’s pH.

How long should I operate my freshrain system each day?

It is recommended that you run your Fresh Rain unit 24 hours a day.

How often do I replace my filter?

This will depend on how often you use your hot tub and the hardness of the water you use to fill your spa. The more oils and contaminates introduced to your spa through repeated usage will require more frequent cleaning or replacing of your spa’s filter, just as it does now.

How often do I have to replace the lamp in my VIP?

The effectiveness of the lamp diminishes over time. It is very effective for the first year and somewhat unpredictable after that so we recommend that the lamp be changed annually.

What is the life of the freshrain system?

With annual lamp replacement, and consistent cleaning of the filter, the freshrain system should perform for the life of your hot tub. In fact, freshrain should extend the life of your hot tub by preventing scaling on your water pipes and improving the efficiency of your spa.

The first day I used freshrain there was debris floating on the surface of the water. What is this?

That is freshrain at work. In the initial cleaning process, freshrain will work so efficiently that it will start congealing contaminants very quickly. You can collect this debris if you desire or wait until it is captured in your tub’s filter.

Will my hot tub stop smelling like chlorine?

That is another benefit of freshrain. Your tub will forever smell like… fresh rain. In fact, some of our customers have purchased new covers for their hot tub because of the smell of chlorine that has been absorbed by their old covers.

Will freshrain save me money?

The average spa owner spends up to $600 every year on chemicals and water conditioning. Most owners also change and reheat their water several times per year at a cost of $25 each time. Factor in the value of your own time spent cleaning and maintaining your tub, and we think you’ll agree freshrain pays for itself in the first year. The power requirements of the freshrain system are similar to the requirements for that of the average ozonator.

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